Monster Trucks

If you are looking for a thrilling fun that puts on the edge, you should consider joining a monster truck show. Universal Joints Birmingham experts can help you make your driving imagination a reality by building an amazing monster truck that would leave your friends entertained and in awe. The universal joints make it possible for a wide variety of configurations as they come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, which explains the presence of differently shaped monster trucks in shows. Basically, the monster truck is a modified pickup truck that features larger tyres and larger suspension for recreational purposes.

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Monster trucks overview

The modern monster trucks are highly diverse and although the pickup trucks are still used, the themed trucks with fibreglass bodies are becoming the monster of choice for many racers. The appearance of themed monster trucks ranges from the animal-themed bodies to SUV bodies and car bodies. Furthermore, the monster trucks for racing are expected to meet certain guidelines such as the use of 462lb BKT 66-inch off-road tyres and being both 12 feet tall and wide. Moreover, the days when the monster trucks used to be the side acts at major motocross events are long gone. Today, the trucks are the main attraction.

Monster truck racing overview

Generally, the racing shows feature a freestyle competition and a race competition. The race competitions are held as an elimination tournament in dirt tracks that are short and symmetrical. During the tournament, two competitors using separate tracks race to the finish line with the winner progressing to the next race. The race tracks may feature a hairpin turn and a jump over cars. In the freestyle racing, the driver is expected to put in a thrilling performance that may include stunts such as wheelies, backflips, doughnuts and jumping over obstacles. The winner of the freestyle racing is declared by a panel of judges based on the points the competitors accumulate.

The creation and styling of the monster trucks

The creation of monster trucks has greatly advanced from the early days when the pickup trucks were modified to feature larger tyres and larger suspension. The modern monster trucks come with a custom built tubular chassis that features a four-link suspension. They also feature fibreglass bodies that go into the chassis separately for easy removal and replacement when damaged. The engines are usually mounted behind the driver. The engines are normally supercharged and run on either corn-based oil or methanol alcohol fuel. The axles used on monster trucks are usually from road vehicles or heavy-duty military trucks, which are modified to have a planetary gear reduction. The trucks also feature four wheels hydraulic steering with the rear wheels being controlled by a toggle switch. The monster trucks also come with several safety features that include the three shut-off switches. The switches allow the judges to turn off the engine in case of a rollover.


Although the monster trucks were initially designed for entertainment purposes, they have lately been used to rescue people in flooded areas. Nevertheless, it is important to note that safety should be given preference when racing as accidents are a common occurrence. Before taking part in the race, the driver should wear safety harnesses, fire suits, helmets and neck and head restraints.